• Trademark Registration

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    Trademark search and application filing under one class.

    Documents Required
    Incorporation Certificate
    Partnership Deed
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Trademark vs Copyright vs Patent

Trademark Patent Copyright
What’s protected Any word, phrase, symbol or design that recognizes and differentiates the source of one party's goods from those of another. Inventions, such as procedure, manufacturer, composition, machines of matter as well as improvements to these. Books, articles, music, photography, sculptures, dances, sound recordings, motion films and other original works of authorship.
Requirements for protection A mark must be distinguishable, in the sense that it must be able to identify the source of a certain good. A fresh, valuable, and unusual invention is required. A work must be unique, original, and created in a tangible manner.
Term of protection As long as the mark is used in commerce. 20 years Author’s life span+ 70 years.
Rights Granted Right to use the mark and to prohibit others from using identical marks in a way that could create confusion about the goods or services' origin. Right to restrict others from manufacturing, selling, or importing the patented invention. Copyrighted works have the power to dictate their reproduction, creative works, circulation, public performance, and display.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration

Incorporation Certificate

Partnership Deed

PAN Card

Aadhaar Card

Form-48 Signed


MSME Certificate